Feeling Fab @ Frutta

Couple of weeks ago I won an Instagram contest for Frutta Bowls in which I got a free açai bowl. Even though I am a local food micro-influencer in the Charlotte area, I get SO excited when I win something. It’s like the lottery but for snacks.

IMG_1929 2

I high tailed it (during the last hurricane) to claim my “S’mores Bowl”, which was heaven on Earth with its toasted marshmallow top, graham cracker layer, and chocolate banana base.


Hungry yet? Flash forward a couple of weeks and Frutta is hosting the “Bad to the Bowls” media event with my friend Jess of Sweet Seoul Media. During the party they unveiled a s’mores bowl the size of a party platter. I told them they could serve some of those at my wedding, it would be a smash hit.


They have a huge menu of açai, kale-pineapple, and pitaya bowls to choose from. They’re all amazing so good luck choosing just one. First time going, I would recommend the “PBJ” or “The Hulk” with its green base. All the ingredients are super fresh, healthy, and don’t overpower each other. You can also ask for thick ribbons of peanut butter or nutella drizzled on top for extra ~pizzaz~.


They also offer smoothies, protein power bites, and a toast menu. This is “The Goat” with red pepper hummus, roasted red pepper, black olive tapenade, goat cheese, and basil. It’s a super filling snack if you’re on the go or if you are darting over in between classes like me.


Keep an eye out for their “Panthers Bowl” that pops up on the menu from time to time. Blue sea algae is added to the base to give it this hue, and it is super refreshing and smooth. 10/10 would recommend to my dudes Cam and Luke. Luuuuuuke.

See ya this week, Frutta! There’s a caramel apple bowl with my name on it!

Author: seejuliachomp

Food blogger, consumer of calories, lover of carbs and wine.

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