Bachlorette 2.0

I almost titled this “G.N.O” after Miley Cyrus’s 2009 anthem about girls night out but ended up going with this instead.

This weekend my Mom, Harper, my aunt, and my aunt’s best friend came to visit me in my one bedroom apartment. Festivities ensued- these ladies came to party, hence why I dubbed this weekend my “Bachlorette 2.0”.

Friday night

This weekend I knew I would have to put together a meal itinerary in my head to accomodate everyone- Mom is on the keto diet, Aunt Denise eats super healthy, Maureen is a vegetarian. My friend Bella came to hang with us too. She and I are down for anything as long as it’s free (thanks Mom). Then it hits me- The Waterman Fish Bar. It’s the newest seafood restaurant in town, also known as the “kid cousin” to Sea Level in Uptown. We roll up at 6 and immediately order a round of cocktails for the table. Mine was the “Pina Colada Float” with pineapple rum, almond milk, and a coconut popsicle. YUM.IMG_6394

We also got charbroiled oysters garnished with creamed spinach and bacon. Let me tell you, I’m not an oyster gal but these suckers were phenomenal. Feast yer eyes.


We got an array of entrées, from Maine and Conneticut style lobster rolls to mussels to fried shrimp platters. Everything was so fresh and scrumptious and perfect for a chilly fall evening out with family.



Woke up to a dozen Your Mom’s donuts. Not a bad way to start the day. London Fog, lemon honey, and salted caramel were just a few of my favorites.


After going out and about, getting some shopping done and all that jazz it was snack time. The People’s Market Dilworth was the hookup. If you haven’t tried the Impossible Burger with “bacon” you are missing out friends. The burger has the same taste and consistency as meat but plot twist, it’s vegan.


We also hit up the bar and got a variety of dranks (past tense, haha). Sangria, margaritas, beer, ciders- we had it all. I opted for a beer-mosa which is essentially the same as a mimosa, just replace the bubbly with a pale ale.

Later on we ventured to Superica, a Tex Mex joint that we love. It was slammed on Saturday night at 7:30, so we ordered drinks and hung out near the bar. “Vampire Weekend” with Kraken Rum and housemade horchata was a group favorite, and I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on it!


You can’t miss out on the La Paloma margaritas or the queso fundido either. After enchiladas suizas, tacos, and more margs we rolled home to get in our jammies and have a dance party.


Coffee and leftover donuts fueled us this morning as we made our way to Mass at St. Gabriel’s in Cotswold. Afterwards we zoomed to brunch at Zeppelin, another favorite of ours. They recently started doing brunch and in the past few weeks started accepting reservations.

WOW, new favorite brunch spot alert! I had french toast with ricotta and sumac. The gang went with every frittata on the menu, grits, and fried green tomato, eggs, and “ham” to which I got the OMG response for how good it all was. We also pretty much ordered everything on the cocktail menu. My new favorite is the “Peanut Butter & Jealous” which includes peanut butter washed sake, candied grape syrup, and a candied grape rolled in dehydrated peanut powder on the side. Boozy PBJ is my new jam. Pun intended.

We’re now just hanging out before everyone heads home tomorrow, and I am writing this post. I’m so happy everyone came to visit and everywhere we visited did an outstanding job with the food and entertaining us.

You can find me in a gym this week, working off my caloric sins right before Thanksgiving gets here.

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Food blogger, consumer of calories, lover of carbs and wine.

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