Newsies about the Smoothies


I really struggled with finding a word that rhymed, ok?

We have so many amazing smoothie shops and restaurants with smoothie offerings here in the QC- it’s about time that I highlight my personal favorites to share with you. After all, smoothie consumption is the epitome of health and wellness and all things good for your soul.

Clean Juice

With locations all over town (but strongly advise you to visit the Camden South End location to see a picture of ya girl on the wall hehe) it’s easy to find a spot to secure a great juice, smoothie bowl, or just a straight up smoothie. The seasonal menus have been fantastic in the past, with flavors like “The Carrot Cake One” and “The Wedding One”. Going into fall, I can’t wait to see what their seasonal menu will look like, bring on the pumpkin and apple!

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Nektar Juice Bar

They just released a cold brew protein smoothie with cashew milk and I need to go, ASAP. My favorite is “Pink Flamingo” which is bright pink thanks to the pitaya and coconut water that’s blended in. Smooth, sweet, and bright, it’s the perfect drink to reflect my personality. However, the real game changer is the Skoop vegan gelator that Nektar offers- it is decadent and amazing, with all-natural healthy ingredients. It’s literally a guilt-free dessert, so go ahead and order two.

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Carolina Smoothies

The OG of smoothies, this local spot has been in Dilworth since it opened in the 90’s. Fun fact: the font that their logo has is the same as American Horror Story Season 3, Coven. Don’t believe me? Google it.

I go in with the intention of trying new flavors every time I stop by, but it never works out. I am a sucker for their PB&J smoothie, Peanut Butter Slam, and Key Lime Cooler. I rotate on those three depending on my mood. They’re all heavenly.


Green Brothers Juice Co.

AB&J anyone (almond-butter and jelly)? How about some vegan cookie dough? Fabulous açai bowls, juices, and smoothies can be found at Green Brothers and lucky for us, they have pop ups all over town. The owner, Josh is a really cool dude and believes in the importance of using natural foods and ingredients to fuel your body. My favorite location is in Dilworth next door to Inizio, where you can kick back and take in the bright and airy atmosphere. However, if you are in Uptown make sure to stop by their location there or their pop-up in Coco & The Director. And with football season being back, grab a Sir Purr!

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Siggy’s Good Food 

I got to stop by Siggy’s in the Belmont area and I am high key addicted to their “Green Alien” and “Raw Almond Protein” smoothies. GA has kale and cucumber which makes it bright green in color and light in taste, while RAP has heavy almond and banana flavors. It reminds me of banana bread, and is insanely delicious. Stop by Siggy’s for fresh, organic wholesome flavors in a fun, alien infused atmosphere. Heads up: if you are indeed an extraterrestrial being, you are able to eat here for free!


That’s all for now folks! I’m pretty sure I probably missed a few places, but the ones I listed are the businesses that I frequent. Tell me about your favorite spots, give me a holler on Instagram @cltchomp!



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Food blogger, consumer of calories, lover of carbs and wine.

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