Adventures of a traveling corndog- Harper’s weekend in the QC

Last weekend, you might have seen on my IG that my doggo Harper came to visit me here in Charlotte. She is a rescue pitteranian (pitbull-pomerianian, it’s legit, we had her DNA tested) and is the sweetest little anxiety-ridden lovebug you’ll ever meet. She looks a bit like a corndog, eh?


My knowledge of local spots that are dog friendly was put to the test as we explored with Harpy. Granted, we could only fit so much into one weekend with this nervous nelly so I’m sure there will be a part two to this adventure in the near future. Onward!

Seoul Food Meat Company

I mean, duh. This was the first place that I knew I was going to bring Harpy to. This spot is one of the coolest restaurants in the city, complete with a fenced in puppy playground as part of their adult playground. It’s one of those few places in the city where you can literally bring your dog to a restaurant with you and you’ll both have a ton of fun. We ordered food at the bar and overlooked the enclosure as Harper met other puppies and ran around. We also discovered that she loves the crispy pork belly and sitting at the water pong tables surveying the crowd. Also when you click through the slideshow below, I hope you laugh as much as I did when you see her eyeing the potato swirl.


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Max and Lola Bodega

This newly opened spot in the Gold District offers a taco truck, bar, and little grocery store. It is ultra-dog friendly, with a yellow angel wing mural on the side of the building with a human set of wings and a dog set of wings. Perfect photo op for a Christmas card! The name Max & Lola is after the owner’s two goldens, and their likeness is seen on the logo. I mean, how precious is that? Also having leash clips next to the tables on the patio is ingenious, because you can clip your dog safely and still have free hands for tacos. Out back is a little garden area with picnic tables and a fountain that you can take your doggo to as well. Harpy is now best friends with the staff because they fed her so many treats.


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King of Pops

More like King of Pups, am I right? We stopped by because this Charlotte heat is unbearable lately, and it’s even harder for our fur babies. We snatched a salted lemonade pop and Harper got her little frozen King of Pups treat. A photo shoot ensued:


Look at my precious baby! Until next time folks!


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