Hola Chucktown

This weekend was v exciting.

I had the opportunity to do media coverage of Le Creuset’s Factory-To-Table event in Charleston, which is a huge accomplishment for me as a blogger! I’ve never been invited to do something formal like this so I am on Cloud 9 of French cookware right now. One of my best friends Bella hit the road with me to assist me with pictures and snack eating. It was awesome.

The event itself is a bargain-hunter’s paradise because the normally super expensive cookware brand is deeply discounted. I bought pieces for $100, normally $300 or more. Hello handy dandy enamel Dutch ovens.

One hundred percent of this event’s ticket proceeds are going to two awesome organizations-scholarship funding for the Culinary Institute of Charleston as well as Palmetto Goodwill Kick-Start program, which helps entry level professionals train under Charleston’s best in the culinary scene.

On my way to the event my mom emailed me a link from The Post and Courier that five semi-trucks brought in inventory for this event alone. That is a lot of pots and pans, folks.

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In our off time, we explored suggestions sent to me by Chucktown native and friend Lucy. Thanks girl!

Tricera Coffee

Here’s really all that you need to know- Triceratops, everywhere. It’s decorated with all sorts of cool Triceratops dinosaur knickknacks and posters. They are famous for their saffron lattes and waffles. However we were in a time crunch and got a nice vanilla latte and dirty chai for the road.IMG_5933

Taco Boy

That elote was some of the best street corn I have ever eaten. The restaurant was one of my favorites that I have come across in all my travels. Stained glass windows, courtyards, wrought-iron decorations on the doors and chandeliers, ivy covered entrance, and little ofrendas and Don Quixote statues that celebrated Mexican culture and food. Fun fact, we learned that they make everything down to the sour cream in house and the love that goes into the food shows. We got some carne asada tacos, Mexican cokes, chips and salsa. Que rico!

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Tattooed Moose

I had been informed ahead of time that this place specializes in duck. The menu is full of fun items, like duck fat fries, moose burgers, and sandwiches that will knock your socks off. I went for the “Thanksgiving” with roasted turkey, fried onion straws, mayo, cranberry sauce, on toasted whole grain bread with gravy on the side. WOW. I’m super ready for fall, Thanksgiving, and the flavors associated with that time of the year. Tattooed Moose is very casual, so we sat on the porch and mingled with locals while stuffing our faces. Cute.



Thank you Charleston for a great weekend, can’t wait to come back and visit! If you missed the Le Cresuet event no worries, there’s another one coming up in Atlanta November 1st through the 4th!


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