NC Cookies, Shipped to You

Because the best gift is sweet, sweet carbs.

I’ll be totally candid here. I’ve done very little Christmas shopping this year. I haven’t even gotten anything for my husband or parents. Whoops! Coincidentally, I’ve been getting quite a few cookie PR boxes over the past few weeks. Then the lightbulb above my head went off–what about supporting local bakeries AND achieving a slam dunk of a gift?

There are quite a few bakeries that specifically focus on cookies throughout North Carolina, and no matter if you’re on the coast or up in the mountains, they all ship. Need presents still? Keep reading to see your options:

1. Salamat Dough

With the ooey-gooey texture of cookie dough combined with Filipino flavors, Salamat won my heart with their “Noche Buena” box. There’s not many places that will ship Pandan crinkle cookies, stuffed red velvet cookies, and ube beauties to you. The packaging is also gorgeous, and honestly there’s no better feeling than opening up a big box of punny “Thinking About U, Bae” treats.

2. Bites of Sam

Sam knows what she’s doing when it comes to cookies. These are big cookies, with the circumference outlining the palm of your hand. In terms of height, they’re at least three to four inches thicc. They’re stuffed with everything from batters to galaxy frosting (word on the block is there’s cookie butter as part of the holiday collection). Good luck trying to give them as a gift, because ultimately it’s going to be for yourself. Sharing who? We don’t know her.

3. Sweet Girl Cookies

This Charlotte based bakery nails the classics, from chocolate chip to cherry white chocolate. We received a PR box from them, and the candy cane chocolate chip cookies were an absolute godsend. These guys are on the smaller side, but trust me, you’ll only need one or two before you call it a day. They pack in the flavor and nail the soft, gooey texture.

4. Red’s Scratch Made

You bet your sweet buns I’m planning on heading over to Mooresville in early 2021 to see this retro, red accented shop in person. For now, take your pick of s’mores, Nutella stuffed chocolate chip, brown butter whiskey caramel, and more online to be shipped to you. Not to be dramatic, but I would die for a ginger molasses cookie. Or if y’all ever did a Fluffernutter flavor, GAWD.

5. Appalachia Cookie Company

It’s been a minute since I had one of their cookies, but from what I remember, solid. Made in Boone and then shipped out, you really can’t pass up Andes mint chip cookies or Cosmic brownie. 

6. Barrett’s Cookies and Biscuits

Say hello to Barrett’s Cookies and Biscuits. This Raleigh based biz has quite the variety, from vegan chocolate chip to funfetti. Personally, I have my eye on both the cookie butter and oatmeal butterscotch bacon flavors, because what a flavor combo. Throw in a blueberry biscuit while you’re at it. 

7. The Cookie Cult

If there’s ever a cult I’d want to join, it’s this. We’d eat cookies and conspire about the Galactic Federation together. There’s an extensive menu to choose from, including gluten-free and dairy-free options. Heck, you can even get a giant-ass cookie cake if you want to (which I very much do). But if you’re craving something that you’re not seeing on the menu, reach out and they’ll make your custom cookie.

8. honeybear Bake Shop

Taking over the Charlotte area by storm, honeybear bake shop produces some of the most gorgeous and unique flavors I’ve seen yet. I’m a sucker for anything PBJ, but coconut cake and cookie stuffed donuts? Hold the mf phone, I’m on my way Charlotte.

9. Renaissance Pâtisserie

This French bakery is the stuff of legends, and before I got married my apartment was in walking distance to this gem. Tucked away near SouthPark mall, you can get all sorts of French baked goodies shipped to you. This includes their legendary macarons, which are the lightest, most flavorful, bite-sized cookies known to man, via France. Keep your eyes peeled for the seasonal flavors!

10. Southern Sugar Bakery

If you’re like me, you really appreciate the art of beautifully decorated sugar cookies. Essentially, they’re little edible portraits that take a lot of time and love to make. If these cookies are art, then Southern Sugar is a whole gallery with the beauties they’ve made. Sign me up for the baby Grogu cookies (Yoda, if you’re a true Mandalorian fan you would know).

Consider this an open love letter to all the cookie spots of N.C. Having these sweet treats around lately has made life a little sweeter. It’s edible serotonin (do not quote me on that, I am not a licensed medical professional. Not trying to get sued). If you seriously ponder gift opportunities as well, I hope this roundup makes things a little easier. If you’re shopping for a gift for moi, a cookie cake and one of those mini microphones that hook up to a smart device will do. Don’t ask questions.

There’s a lot of spots to be had throughout the state, and that number is always expanding. If I missed someone, or if you have suggestions, please give me a shout on Instagram or email. Or pigeon, if you’re able. 

Author: seejuliachomp

Food blogger, consumer of calories, lover of carbs and wine.

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