Nacho Average Bride- Your CLT Bachelorette Guide

Friends- we are T-minus SIX days till July 6th, the big day!

A few weeks ago, my four bridesmaids and I convened in the QC to do some good ole pre-wedding bonding. Charlotte is fantastic for gatherings like this, because we have everything from candle bars to dog bars, breweries, food, shopping, outdoorsy stuff, and debauchery if that’s what you’re into (side note: so many people recommended the Uptown Cabaret brunch. My uber driver was adamant I go. Maybe next time, Dave).

Right before I departed on this wild adventure of the sisterhood of the bachelorette, I polled my Instagram followers on what activities we should do. If you gave me a recommendation, huge thank you to you for your help! Many of you were also curious about what to do for a bachelorette. Here is my weekend, let me be your guide. Here we go:


We rented out a gorgeous Airbnb on Dunavant street, literally 100 feet from The Dunavant. When you think of those gorgeous HGTV dream home sweepstakes, this spot was on that level. Super modern, plants everywhere, overall IG worthy.

Look how pretty my room was? Swooning, Pinterest worthy.

My friends came in after work on Friday afternoon at various times. I checked into the Airbnb first to drop off my things and finish their bachelorette gifts. Also, to call dibs on these sweet digs.

Our first stop: Food Truck Friday at Sycamore Brewing. We had a few in the group who were from out of town and had never experienced a food truck friday nor had ever visited the brewery.

Your Mom’s Donuts, but MINI. And made with local beers, a bacon Pilsner, Bluberry Kolshe from Divine Barrel, and a strawberry IPA.

I looooove Sycamore, because they make some awesome beer and have a great Friday night scene. Added bonus: IMO it’s a premier dog watching spot in Charlotte.


A few beers and good bois/girls later, we hop in an uber and head to Resident Culture for their Food Truck Friday. We immediately hop in line for Dumpling Lady. Time passes. A few more beers. I’m feeling fabulous.

If you saw three girls eating dumplings on some pallets behind the truck, it was us.

Made them all hold up their iPhone flashlights for this shot. Excellent teamwork, ladies!

It was pretty late by the time the uber got us back to the Airbnb, where the other ladies eventually joined us. We did a quick trip over to Jeni’s Ice Creams, and then called it a night in preparation for…


We wake up, we get to looking cute, and we walk to Pepperbox Donuts. That Coconut Chai and a strong coffee were reviving me, as the drinks from the night before and staying up late were making me feel a bit sluggish. Disclaimer: I live like a grandma, which means I have one drink usually if I’m out, bedtime is by 9:45pm.

Peep that malted blueberry in the background! Heart eye emojis all the way.

We venture back to the Airbnb, hop in the car, and make our way to 7th Street Public Market. Our group parks, gets a second round of coffees from Not Just Coffee, and walks to Uptown Flea two blocks away. And look at this cute entrance! We had to take a picture. Just had to.


We spend about an hour sipping on strawberry kombucha from Updog Kombucha, buying plants from Malone’s Greenhouse, and buying bright jewelry from the queen of accessories, Shani Amara.

We hop back in the car and hustle to the Candle Bar for our class. One of the most unique elements of the class was that they want you to reuse the vessel the candle is in once you have used up the candle itself. The one I picked out will be my new makeup brush holder! In our group, we picked out vessels that could be used as little pitchers for coffee creamer, flowerpots, and vessels to hold q-tips in the bathroom. Ingenius. The instructor was super fun, and once you had your vessel selected you chose a scent.

Based on the vessel you chose, there were certain calculations for wax and scent you followed. Overall, super easy and super fun!

It’s worth every penny of the $35 you pay to reserve a seat for the class. And if keeping the vessel when you’re done with the candle isn’t your thing, bring it back for a discount on a new candle. How neat!

In my element, lmao.

When the class was finished, we had a few hours to kill while we waited for the candles to cool off. Since we were literally 100 feet from one of my favorites, Superica, it was a no-brainer.

Lo and behold, friend of mine walks in during lunch and says hi. He gets us a round of margaritas! Yay! Bartender walks over and asks what the occasion is, and I reply it’s my bachelorette.

Let me just say, he was very generous with that tequila.

We get back to the Airbnb, and half the group takes a nap in preparation for the night’s shenanigans. My maid of honor, Brianna and I decide to power through. Swear to God I looked like this:


Gotta rally though!

We started back up around 7pm. I had my ladies open their gifts, which was shirts from Rose Gold Rebel, teas from Birch Fine Tea, and a few other goodies. I am the gift master! Pro tip: get a Polaroid camera and take pictures of each person. This is your “before” shot, and take another when you’re home from your evening out to see the tequila-infused transformation. Pinterest is magical.


First stop of the evening: back to Sycamore for Lobster Fest!

Let me tell you, there is nothing more empowering than you and your bride tribe going to a public place like this in your matching shirts. I felt like a freakin’ celebrity, people shouting “congrats!” or “OMG YAY!” at me. I had one guy on his bachelor weekend take a picture with me (lol).

Thanks Rose Gold Rebel!

From Sycamore, we hop over to Seoul Food Meat Company. We were hangry at this point, and chicken wings were a neccessity. More drinks, soju, and snacks! Hung out on the back patio for a bit, played with some puppies in the dog park, played corn hole, ordered more drinks. All is well.

Afterwards, we go back to the apartment and crack open some wine and play a few drinking games. Before you know it, it’s 9:30pm and time to head to 8.2.0 for some karaoke! (HUGE thank you to Social Ape for making this happen!)

Upon our arrival, one of my girlfriends orders top shelf, the good stuff, humongous shots. I about died but I am here to tell the tale. While my eyes are watering and my throat is on fire, I’m desperately looking for my mixer that the bartender made for me to be my saving grace. My bridesmaids are glad to report it was a super yummy pinapple and Sprite concoction, as they were sippin’ away as I was in shot mode. LOLOL RIP ME.

We had a private booth in the karaoke room, complete with our own little sign!



Flash forward, and the group is most definitely feeling their liquor. We have one who is on a table, one who is MIA, one looking for her next karaoke song, me singing along to “Don’t Stop Believin'”, and one who wants pizza. Absolutely bananas.

If you want to see me and Bella wholeheartedly singing to Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts” it exists somewhere on the Internet. I’m not telling you where, I can’t watch it without cringing now. But in that moment, it was straight fire, Beyoncé herself would approve, confidence queens.


Their fries and s’mores dip was SO GOOD. Don’t remember taking this picture, but I know it was yum!

We eventually got the group back together around 1am, and made it home.


Have no fear, we’re alive.

Rough, but alive. Every time I shut my eyes that day I would try and take a solid 5 second nap.

We grabbed coffee at Not Just Coffee (like dang, they should’ve just sponsored the weekend) and then brunched at The Dunavant. Only one gal was brave enough to mimosa. I needed some strong steak and banana pancakes sustenence to revive myself.


It was a fabulous weekend with my best friends! I loved every second of it. It took me a whole week to recover afterwards, but totally worth it. What better way to kick off this week’s festivities with a recap of all the fun.

If you are planning your bachelorette in Charlotte, these are just a few of the many options for activities you can do. If you need me, I’m around and always down to fiesta!




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