Praise be to Trader Joe’s

Thanks be to the Trader Joe’s gods that I had the good sense to go grocery shopping before I was officially deemed contaminated by the flu.

Here’s everything I bought because it was all so good!


Adults can have advent calendars too! Every day you pop out a little slot to reveal a different chocolate. The past two days have been a stocking and a wreath!


I’m all about seasoning chicken. And spicy things while you’re sick are awesome. Like I can’t taste anything very well, but this sure helps. Am I sweating because it’s spicy or because I’m sick? Not sure.


I pounded these in the first 48 hours alone. I would have liked a little more butter toffee action, but the sweet-and-salty combo was real nice.


Test driving this for my eggnog enthusiast, health conscious fiance.


In all seriousness, Trader Joe’s non-dairy selection is super impressive.


Now THESE are the real star of the show! I was in the cookie aisle caught between chocolate covered peppermint Joe-Joe’s (the Oreo equivalent offered at TJ’s) and the regular Joe-Joe’s when a helpful cashier whom we shall call Sal came to my assistance. He was like, “what are you thinking?” and I respond, “I’m having a hard time choosing!”

He picks up a box of these and says to go with this! And WOW. Sweet, but spicy at the end and amazing when dipped in coffee or hot cocoa. I also ate this entire box.


What a week, am I right?

Author: seejuliachomp

Food blogger, consumer of calories, lover of carbs and wine.

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