More! More! More! @Morgan Street Food Hall

I’m really excited that my hometown is exploding with new restaurants and spots. Raleigh is getting recognized for being a Southern foodie hub and I feel like I’m witnessing the glo-up. I grew up there for about 14+ years and I remember feeling that I couldn’t wait to get the heck outta dodge. Now I’m like, “Raleigh is really nice! Wow!”

While home for Thanksgiving break, I made sure to do as much exploring as my metabolism and Ben’s wallet could take. There is one new spot in particularly took my breath away: Morgan Street Food Hall.


Morgan Street Food Hall is a new food and retail hall concept that is located in Downtown Raleigh. You really can’t miss it- it’s across the street from Citrix’s Raleigh office and there’s a huge mural on the street with MSFH’s namesake in bold. There are 19 food stalls to pick from in here (y’all gon make me lose my mind, up in here, up in here). Ramen or tacos? Boba tea or cheesecake on a stick? Beer, check.

An absolute must is Oak City Fish and Chips. I’ve never had such perfectly seasoned seafood and chips in my life. By the way, they have a Charlotte truck. You have to try the shrimp and fries, no excuses. You’ll thank me later. The portions are generous, so get a variety of things with some buds and taste everything.

IMG_2502 2

Next up, some boba tea from Boba BrewThey specialize in no sugar and GMO free teas and smoothies. I got thai teas with bobas, he got lychee. Say boba three times fast. Boba boba boba.


You want some authentic Argentinian empanadas? Look no further. Makus Empanadas brings its A game with these pastry pockets filled with meats and other surprises. I LOVED them and eating each one felt like a little surprise. Sweet corn, pepperoni and cheese, pork, and beef were incredible. Makus also stamps in the dough along the edge of the empanada the type you’re eating, so there will be a tiny “B” for beef or “SC” for that amazing sweet corn. Make sure to get some chimichurri sauce on the side! MAN OH MAN is it delicious!


Last but certainly not least, we got ice cream at Raleigh Rolls. You pick the flavor you like, and milk is poured over a cold pan. As it freezes it is rolled up neatly and tucked into a bowl, then garnished with toppings. You’re paying for dessert and a show, really.

We wanted something chocolate, so we got the “S’mores” garnished with graham crackers and a roasted marshmallow. It’s a little work of edible art!


I am so thrilled that Morgan’s is here and killing it, based off of how crowded it was when we went. So many more places to try within it! Got my eye on some baked brie, tacos, and pizza next time I go!



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Food blogger, consumer of calories, lover of carbs and wine.

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