Brunch Bunch


Marriage really just means that I get a brunch partner for life, right?

Welcome to part 2 of our date weekend.

Ben used to swim for Queens, so we decided to go to a meet while he was in town to support friends who are still on the team. I can’t handle being hangry though, so we skrt skrted over to Bang Bang Burgers in SouthEnd. Y’all. They consistenly dole out creative, juicy burgers and high key they’re some of the best I have ever had. Like top 3, it’s so good.

We both ended up getting the chalkboard special that evening- for $13 you got a burger with arugula, a fried brie slice, Canadian bacon, and a sweet pear compote paired with a Triple C “Light Rail Ale”. OOF. Best 13-plus-tax dollars I’ve ever spent. And I didn’t even pay for it- Ben did. Thanks dude!


After the meet, we hopped on over (brewery pun please laugh) over to Wooden Robot. “Good Morning Vietnam” is always a must.


When in SouthEnd, you go to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. I missed it’s grand opening a few months ago, and have been meaning to go ever since. Let me tell you about that “peppermint with white chocolate swirls” and “ooey-gooey butter cake” though. I have been craving it every day since I had it five days ago, and it’ll be my first stop when I’m back in town after Thanksgiving break. AMAZING, Jeni you are a goddess.


The next morning, I had made us a reservation at Angeline’s in Uptown. I have heard amazing things about this Southern and Italian fusion spot, so I had high expectations. And they were met. A+ to Angeline’s! First off, I loved the modern atmostphere filled with wood and wrought iron features. It just oozed warmth and cool vibes. Second, the shared plates are where it’s at. You have to try the whipped ricotta with lavender honey, pistachios, and sourdough bread. Let’s also talk about the bombaloni, which are little donut-like balls of fried dough covered in cinnamon sugar and served with strawberry basil dipping sauce. They were sweet and cakey, and along with the ricotta could have just been my meal and I would’ve been happy.


We took awhile to digest, and we managed to catch another heat of the swim meet. Afterwards we stopped by Bold Missy Brewing to try their bluberry vanilla blonde ale called “Knox on the Block.” It’s named for a 90 year old Panthers superfan. I am not kidding when I say it literally smells like straight-up blueberry pie. Magnificent. Getting tipsy while playing giant Uno and Cards Against Humanity? Fantastic.


Also made a quick pitstop for local peanuts and this blackberry kettle sour from Birdsong Brewing:


Finally, our last stop of the evening was a double date to Let’s Meat Korean BBQ. It’s one of our favorite restaurants in Charlotte, so we obviously had to visit while Ben was in town. Look at that cheese pull (and our derp faces):


It was so great having Ben come to visit, and I always love sharing my favorite foodie spots with loved ones. Happy Thanksgiving friends!






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