Yums at Yume

If you haven’t heard about one of the hottest new spots in Charlotte, I feel bad for you friend.

Yume is an Asian-fusion establishment and offers authentic Japanese ramen, sushi, nigiri, sashimi, cocktails, and so much more. They really go the extra mile too- fresh seafood is shipped in from Japan every week. Once you’ved had fresh fish in your sushi and sashimi, you can never go back.

Last week Yume and Jessica of The Sweet Seoul threw a media event that was frankly one of the most fun tastings I have ever attended. Half the restaurant was shut down especially for us, beautiful cocktails handed out, and we all sat down for a demonstration about the art of butchering a fresh fish. In this case it was a 80 pound tuna flown straight in from Hawaii. Never have I had sashimi so fresh in my life.


As the event went on, the entire menu was spread out on a long table for invitees to take pictures, video, and live feed coverage of for Instagram. There was every flavor of ramen you could think of, from spicy miso to fermented black garlic, as well as chicken, pork, and vegan just to name a few. Their famous Sakura roll was present, with fresh tuna made into the likeness of a sakura cherry blossom. Surf and turf rolls with gold foil, authentic nigiri, tuna towers, fried gyoza, and teriyaki garlic avocados were just a few of my personal favorites that I had that evening. By the way, am I making you hungry yet?


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This is a family owned business and Chef Tony carries on family recipes and traditions here. There is so much love that goes into the food, and they really care about serving the community the best dang ramen and sushi, ever. Did you know that they brew the ramen broth for 48 hours for maximum flavor? Now you do.



With the weather swiftly changing from the fires of hell to frigid fall, ramen will warm the soul and make the tummy happy. I absolutely cannot wait to go back- I have another bowl of chicken ramen and a Sakura roll with my name on it. PS- the matcha cheesecake is sinfully delish. Thanks again for a fun evening Jessica and Yume!




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