Caffeination Proclamation PT. III

We didn’t stop the fire!

As in there is no stopping this caffeine machine!

MORE PLACES! Let’s explore!

Enderly Coffee Co.

Their moto is, “Life is too short for bad coffee.” AMEN. Enderly is one of the most prominent coffee roasters in town, and they finally opened up a storefront about 2 months ago. I stopped in to try their fall menu recently and was blown away by the salted maple latte- sweet maple, salty, but balanced in a way that is not overpowering. Their staff is SO friendly and really embody the overall message of Enderly- community. The folks at Enderly are focused on not only delivering a great product but helping everyone in the Charlotte community.

Their space is bright and airy, with the coffee roasting machine out in the open and local art on the walls. The tables are perfect for getting work done, and last time I was there I cranked out a paper to some Motown classics.


Good Cup Coffee Co.

With fall finally here, it’s the perfect opportunity to go visit the Matthews Farmers Market. There you will see a white VW van and the bright red banners of Good Cup Coffee Co. This family owned business has the coolest coffee menu- I can not fully put into words how much I enjoyed their new fall menu. “Get Figgy With It” fig infused latte and “S’More Summer” with toasted marshmallows and chocolate in the latte will knock your socks off. My favorite was the Alfajore Latte, which had tres leches caramel in it. An alfajore is a buttery shortbread cookie with a sweet caramel filling, and are super popular in many South American countries.  It was one of my top five favorite coffee beverages, ever. It’s served with a little alfajore cookie as part of a collaboration with who is also a Matthews Farmers Market resident.  I cannot WAIT to come back and visit!

Percantile and Creamery

Have you seen my post about P&C? One of my new favorite spots, and it’s all 1920’s themed. Bees Knees latte anyone?


The search continues… where should I go next? Let me know @CLTChomp on Instagram!




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