Fair Food = The Best Food

Home is where your dog and Cuban coffee is. And you best believe that stuff gets me GOING. Words per minute right now is 150, probably.

It has been years since I’ve been to the N.C. State fair. I got lucky that it was happening the same weekend I came back to Raleigh to visit!

Did a little research- according to the N.C. State Fair Official web site opening day saw a whopping 73,328 people. Sure felt like it. When we went it was slightly claustrophobic. And by slighty I really mean very.

But anyway…

We found parking down a side street right on someone’s front lawn. Finding it was chaos, but once we parked we were rolling.

I brought my parents and a two page itinerary of all the things I had researched the night before. I even was reposted on the story of N.C. State Fair’s Instagram.


I felt very famous. Upon arrival we sought out a sea salt s’mores creation from La Farm Bakery, but by the time we got over there it was sold out. Travesty!

Never fear though. I rallied the troops and we pressed on.

Bubba’s Bacon turned into our first stop, and we had a variety of bacon items. Mom and I split Unicorn Bacon and Jalapeño Cheeto Bacon on a stick, while Dad went for bacon wrapped grilled cheese. In my professional foodie opinion, the cheetos bacon won. Slightly spicy, very salty, super savory- sign me up.


Lucky for this gal, Minneapple Pie was two feet away from Bubba’s. I loved that they were giving 10% of their profits to Hurricane Florence victims, and the stand itself was so cute and brightly colored. But let’s talk about that deep fried apple pie, shall we?


Not gonna lie, it kinda looks like an empanada. But whatever, I love empanadas. This crust was buttery, flaky, melt-in-your mouth awesome. The filling was apple-cinnamon that was thick and warm and made me super pumped to eat while out and about in the suddenly chilly weather.

We quickly stopped for Ms. Debbie’s Specialty Apples, and the line was wrapped out of the building. I fought the crowd and ordered this strawberry shortcake caramel candy apple adorned with a chocolate covered strawberry.


It was a worthy $10 investment.

Lastly, we stopped for a salted soft pretzel from this Bavarian themed stand. I did not catch the name, unfortunately. But it was delicious, and I got every mustard they offered from their mustard bar.


Thanks for footing the bill, Mom and Dad! Can’t wait for next year’s fair!

What is y’all’s favorite parts of the fair? Give me a holler on Instagram @CLTChomp!



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