A dog walked into a bar

Socialization with other dogs is terrible.” -Harper, probably

My lovely puppy Harper has the worst dog socialization skills, ever. She thinks she is human and only likes to interact with people. Not so much her canine constituents.


Lucky Dog Bark and Brew is one of my favorite places here in Charlotte because it combines the essence of casual day-drinking with an abundance of dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds, you name it. Let me put it this way- it is dog heaven, but also a really cool bar. I once was visiting while a dog birthday party was taking place, and it was the most magical thing I have ever witnessed. You ever see a Great Dane wearing a party hat eating cake with all his pals? I have.

Lucky Dog offers daycare, boarding, beers, and baths for your fur baby in a casual bar setting. There’s locations in Charlotte, Cornelius, and Steele Creek will be open soon!

Today we rolled in, grabbed some local beers (Bold Rock Blood Orange Cider for me and Sugar Creek Raspberry White Ale for Mom), and set Harper loose on the back patio.


Oh boy.


There were tons of puppies playing out here today (8 Great Danes too, and one Harper is the size of their hind leg) and Harper was overwhelmed.


You see the fear in her eyes?

Harper ended up in the small dog pen on the outdoor terrace, and made the aquaintance of a small dachschund pupper named Elvis. He was so smol (dog enthusiast terminology for indeed, a very small dog. I’m an intellectual).


Cute right?

Harper is still learning how to not be so anxious around other dogs, and today was a huge success in getting her out of her comfort zone. We can’t wait to take her back to Lucky Dog, especially when these temperatures start to drop! What are some of your favorite places to take dogs around the QC? Hit me up on my IG, @cltchomp!

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Food blogger, consumer of calories, lover of carbs and wine.

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