Pancake Party!

Friends! Want to hear about a cool thing that I did?

Jason and Yvonne of ScallionPancake  podcast and blog are some rad humans. They are also my mom and dad if you did not know (running joke, because I want to be adopted into this fun, world-traveling, pug loving, foodie family). They are hilarious and their podcast is in every way fantastic, covering food, fun, Charlotte news, and sometimes friends (hi there!).

Yesterday was a joyous occasion, because I got to jump into a podcast session with them!

Here is the link: Episode 54

This week we talked about all the restaurant tastings we did together- Bardo, Your Mom’s Donuts, Nova’s, Kid Cashew, and shenanigans. We also spoke of Cardi B, Hurricane Florence, and our new family business of bread scented candles.

Thank you again Yvonne and Jason for being wonderful and inviting me in! Please listen and tune in every week to hear a new episode of the pod!

Pay attention because a quiz will be given at the end of each episode given by yours truly, so listen up.

Author: seejuliachomp

Food blogger, consumer of calories, lover of carbs and wine.

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