Caffeination Proclamtion PT. II

Oh y’all thought I was done?



There are truly so many fantastic coffee options in Charlotte and I’m here to celebrate them as much as possible, since I am the physical embodiment of “coffee is life”. Disclaimer time! *These places did not pay me to promote them; this list is soley the author’s go-to coffee shops. Also, this is an ongoing list since Charlotte is growing like crazy.


This spot is one of my all-time restaurant favorites, nestled into Meyers Park. They share a space with Comida, and the vibe is ultra cool. Chill out to porchetta and Drake playing in the background. Who doesn’t love a sweet and savory cornbread pork belly breakfast while listening to R&B hits? Lunatics, that’s who. Pro tip: check out their web site to see the playlist planned for the day. I love waking up early and going to sit on their outdoor patio (weather permitting, of course) and sipping on a cup of coffee. Their mochas and hot chocolate is stellar by the way- they melt some chocolate to make it decadent. Plus the mugs are the size of cereal bowls, which I very much enjoy. It’s the little things…



Sunflour Baking Company

We’ve all heard about the legendary cheesy biscuits. If you haven’t…I worry about you friend. You’ve been missing out. They have all the sweet treats you can imagine- from a cupcake in a jar to cookies and scones. Pure Intentions Coffee has the hookup for amazing drip, cold brew, and lattes here. The icing on the cake (pun intended, it’s a bake shop) is the syrups that they make in house that you can add to your beverage. Next time you go, just ask the staff what’s seasonal! Personal favorite: caramel and chocolate added to my iced coffee. I feel invincible after sipping on that bad boy. There’s four locations across Charlotte, making it inexcusable to not go when you have a hangering for great coffee and a cheesy biscuit breakfast sandwich.



Cafe Monte

You know how hard it is to make a proper café au lait? Very hard, Jan. Thank God we have Cafe Monte in SouthPark. I search for this coffee and hot milk near and far- I love it any time of the day. ESPECIALLY when it’s paired with beignets. Beignets are basically fried dough coated with powdered sugar and are famously associated with New Orleans. Cafe Monte serves theirs with a sweet strawberry jam. Sit back, relax, drink your coffee, eat beignets, and take in the quaint atmosphere this spot has to offer.



Not Just Coffee

This place is famous throughout Charlotte for providing outstanding coffee with an equally amazing atmosphere. Each location NJC has is unique and situated all over Charlotte- my personal favorites are Atherton Mill and Dilworth. The avocado toast is what dreams are made of and can be found at the Dilworth location. Depending on my mood I usually go for either a cortado, cappuccino, or vanilla sugar cookie latte if I want to treat myself.



Basal Coffee

Okay, don’t hate me- I’ve just been here once and I’m excited to go back and try their coffee speciality drinks. My first visit was like love at first sight. Excellent cortados and lattes and the food was outstanding. I treated myself to the pan con cajeta which consists of ricotta, sorghum dulce, blueberries, lemon and orange zest. GOOD MORNING, can I have this for breakfast every day? I love that this shop is a celebration of Latin American culture as well, which the menu and atmosphere embodies beautifully. Trying their Chocolate Caliente ASAP.



Central Coffee Company

I really love how you can get spicy hot chocolates and mochas here. And they make amazing syrups in house that you can add to your drink for a small upcharge- so worth it. My favorites have been brown sugar cinnamon with my iced coffee on a hot day or a lavender vanilla latte when I need ~zen~. IMO they also have the best dirty chai in town. Fight me if you think otherwise. Just kidding, please don’t. I frequent the Plaza Midwood location, but they also have a South End location for all your coffee needs. Just look at the options on their chalkboard menus- they got it all.



Crane Coffee Company

Again, don’t hate me! I have yet to visit their new brick-and-mortar location but I have heard wonderful things and I cannot wait to stop by! I have been to their pop-up inside Cowbell Burger and Whiskey Bar. They specialize in pour-over, Charlotte inspired coffee that will knock your socks off. My personal favorite- the muddled mint iced coffee with brown sugar and organic mint. I also love how they really pride themselves on taking care of the environment and using sustainable practices in the shop.


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Coco and the Director

This place is just somewhere you gotta go to see to believe. It’s unreal how beautiful the space is- cascading staircase overflowing with colorful cushions so you can lounge and sip coffee. There’s a loft with tables where you can watch TV on a projector screen, and huge windows that let natural light in (one of the best picture taking spots in Charlotte; you can quote me on that). Coco and the Director is an extension of the Marriott’s lobby, and located in the heart of Uptown. They have a vast coffee and tea selection, as well as smoothies from Green Brothers, kronuts from Sugarrman, full food menu, and kombucha from UpDog just to name some of the offerings. My order is as follows: latte, kronut, repeat. With single origin, local coffee you really can’t go wrong.


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That’s it for now folks! Let me know about your personal favorites by reaching out to me on Instagram @cltchomp! Where should I go next?

Even more pressing of a question, should I share my favorite spots all around North Carolina? Let me know fam!


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