Nirvana… I mean…Bhavana @ Brewery Bhavana

The first word that comes to mind when I think of this Raleigh, NC restaurant- beautiful. I have never seen anything like it. Brewery Bhavana is part brewery, part restaurant, as well as library and flower shop. Imagine that!

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And Good God, it’s breathtakingly whimsical.

It’s a celebration of SouthEastern Asian culture, with cuisine with roots and the brilliance of having books, beer, flowers, and food under one roof. Fun fact: it’s the #10 restaurant in the United States.

We went for lunch and were blown away as soon as we walked in. I took some quick snaps which you see above, and we were seated in a sunny corner. I ordered Sprout, their house fig dubbel. Ben opted for Grove, a citrus IPA. WOW. I will forever be hooked on that beer- sweetened by the fig, not overpowering, and a light spice with every sip. This was within the first ten minutes of walking in the doors guys, and the beer made my all time favorites list. Doing some quick research at the table, co-owner Patrick develops each and every one. You go, Patrick. A+

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Let’s talk food. Owners Vanvisa and Vansana Nolintha hail from Laos. This brother and sister team also own next-door restaurant Bida Manda. The food carries heavy influence from their home country, and is authentic and a beautiful experience with every bite. Ben wanted crispy pig ears that came with a peanut infused nuoc cham sauce.


He LOVED them. After the first small plate we ordered the sweet soy chicken with carmelized ginger soy sauce, as well as the beef with longhorn peppers.

DSC_0606 2

That’s Ben in the background, who is fired because he did not wait for me to take a picture first.

They use superior ingredients and flavors that fill you up real fast. I wanted to try more but I was stuffed. Luckily Raleigh is my hometown, and this means I’m going back to visit again real soon.

I loved Brewery Bhavana’s atmosphere, charisma, and especially the food. Laid back but uber cool at the same time, I wish I could convey the full extent of how much fun I had. Can’t wait to go back, and anyone who ever comes to visit Raleigh make this your first stop!

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