The Meat Up- Let’s Meat KBBQ + Seoul Food Meat Company

My love for these places runs deep.

When I first moved to Charlotte, Seoul Food Meat Co. was one of the first places I went to. I have never stopped- it’s one of my all time favorite restaurants and I can’t get enough of their pork belly in bao buns, chicken wings, and ramen mac n’ cheese. In fact, I went on Fox 46 with the owners last year. See my TV segment on Good Day Charlotte here. Thanks again to Eat. Work. Play. Charlotte for inviting me on!

Seoul Food Meat Co. is slammed on the weekends, and for a good reason. Great drinks, amazing atmosphere, and delicious food make it a hot spot in South End. You’ll find me here on the extensive back porch ordering pineapple beer and playing with the puppies in the doggie playground they have built.


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I’d also like to note there are a good number of vegetarian options available as well. You’re probably like, “It’s literally called a meat company, Julia. Don’t be dumb”. I did the research in the field friends- you can get fried tofu in the two flavors the chicken wings come in. There’s also kimchi vinegar slaw, potato swirls, green tea biscuits, and more.

The two restaurants are housed in the same building, and both have access to the “adult playground” and patio bar out back. Grab a beer or soju (served in a watermelon, pineapple, coconut, your choice!) and play water pong, cornhole, jenga, or even life sized pool. The puppers can chill on the playground, or if you’re like me you break away from the party to go play with doggos.

Let’s Meat is the new Korean BBQ concept that opened in March this year. I was lucky to be invited to the friends and family night to get a sneak peak of this place. You pay $30 and have two hours to an all-you-can eat meat bonanaza. My favorites- the marinated pork belly (try all the flavors, like red pepper and port wine) and brisket. It is all served with rice, pickled radish, kimchi, and an array of sauces.


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At the tasting, I found out from the staff that previous to Let’s Meat the closest KBBQ was in Atlanta. Five hours away. Now it’s in Charlotte in all its savory glory, and you don’t want to miss out.

Super duper pro tip: go with friends and family! It’s an experience in which they guide you on how to properly cook the meats you selected, as well as making suggestions on what you want to try that night. Go early before it gets super busy. I went with Ben and we did a double date with close friends of ours- one of which grew up around KBBQ and was a pro. He loved it, and I know y’all will too!

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