“It’s macaRON not macaROON” @ Amélie’s French Bakery & Café

Literally, the first thing my mom AND my aunt texted me when I first wrote about Amélie’s was that I added an extra “o” to “macaron”. Luckily, they have both macarOns and macarOOns available in the pastry case.

This place is a gem in the Charlotte restaurant scene, and I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like it if you haven’t been before. There are six locations now, each with its own unique flair of French-themed, fun, eclectic furniture. Fun fact: when I went to a menu-launch at their newest Park Road location last year I found out that they source the furniture from Habitat for Humanity. It’s dressed up (tables, chandeliers, you name it) and sent to one of their locations. It supports a great organization while giving this restaurant a distinctive style.

Handmade macaron chandelier @Park Road location.
Uptown location- clear windows to see the pastry chefs at work in the kitchen and two stories to hang out

First and foremost, if you have not had a salted caramel brownie yet you haven’t lived. They have sold millions of those little guys, and if you need proof there is a running number up for the public to see behind the NoDa location’s pastry case.

Secondly- we gotta talk about the coffee. Pure Intentions is Amelie’s coffee provider, and founder Matt is an all around amazing guy who values fair trade and giving delicious coffee to the people of Charlotte. You will find their coffee in the espresso sodas, extensive coffee menu, anything you can imagine. Pro tip: order a crème brûleé french soda with a shot of espresso added to it.


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Imagine macarons of every color and flavor on display with other sweet and savory pastries. Also, said macarons are also available in ice cream sandwich form. I was out of town and missed the tasting event (weeps) but I can’t wait to try their lavendar lemon flavor. There are also soups, sandwiches, salads, and all sorts of treats that are just awaiting for you to try. Bonjour fig, bacon, brie tartine! Too corny? Ok. This season’s shrimp and andouille with red pepper soup looks heavenly, and it’s on my list of things to try as soon as I’m back in the city from my world travels.

I’d also like to make a note of how much I adore the cotton candy seasonal menu Amélie’s debuted this season. Seasonal has this connotation of fleeting and I will personally make a petition for Amélie’s to make this menu permanent. I LOVE the cotton candy french soda (soda water, cream, cotton candy syrup), the cotton candy macarons (takes two days to make but twenty minutes to fly off the shelves! and then I come after class and they’re already sold out! argh!), and even a cotton candy mimosa. I love sweet things and this satisfies my sweet tooth every time.


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Amélie’s will always be one of my first foodie loves and I can’t wait to see the creations they dream up in the future for menus and hopefully more locations! Everyone needs to experience Amélie’s magic!


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